Events & Programs


Women in Leadership (WIL) Symposium & Women’s Summit
The focus of this annual event is to bring together a diverse mix of successful women leaders who, through the discussion of topics relevant to today’s issues will educate, inspire and encourage women to reflect on their own goals and status as they strive to advance within their organizations.


Women’s Conference
This annual conference focuses on professional development, community, networking, entrepreneurship and women’s health.  It gives women a tremendous opportunity for growth and development.  In addition, the conference serves as a dialogue for Women in different professions and industries.


Best Practices & DiversityFIRST™ Awards Luncheon
This annual event, which includes participants with diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences, is held in order to share best practices in the areas of diversity and inclusion. It is also a time to recognize individuals and corporations for their leadership, achievement, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Diversity and Leadership Conference
This annual event is held to educate and create local dialogue on diversity and inclusion and to celebrate the wide array of differences in our communities. Participants have an opportunity to attend a wide array of workshops and hear from dynamic speakers that will increase their knowledge and understanding of a diverse workplace and community.


Corporate Responsibility Summit
The Council for Corporate Responsibility hosts summits and training events tailored to the audience of senior leaders invested in the Corporate Responsibility efforts of their organizations. Together, we explore the ever-changing challenges and corresponding solutions to driving sustainability through good corporate citizenship.


Multicultural Summit
This event, which is held during the annual state conferences, is a collaboration of different cultural segments, which allows our participants to pick and choose the sessions they are most interested in attending.  This gives attendees an opportunity to learn leading diversity practices and to develop their own diversity knowledge related to the rich cultures within their community.


LGBT-Allies Diversity Summit
To be the best in today’s market requires organizations to thoroughly understand how all employees and customers fit into their strategic plans.  Their LGBTA resources are no exception.

The LGBTA Summit is one that not only promotes the advancement of work place equality for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people, but also provides value to today’s leading organizations.  Whether you are a Human Resource or Diversity professional, a people manager, or an individual contributor, you will leave these educational sessions with a better understanding of the LGBTA climate, ready to build fully inclusive workplaces, and boost your competitive edge.


Talent Summit
The Talent Summit is a half day learning event designed to help companies maximize the talents and skills of current employees as well as learn best practices on recruiting a diverse workforce. Your organization can incorporate new talent management strategies to utilize employee engagement as the economy recovers, amplify the productivity of your workforce as the employment market shifts, as well as get current on the latest employment branding, recruiting, retention, and engagement trends practiced model companies with outstanding employee relations. After attending this conference you will walk away with a blueprint that you can implement in your organization.


Healthcare Diversity Summit
This event allows participants to engage in dialog and action with the healthcare community on diversity & leadership best practices using the council as the primary medium. Dynamic leaders in this industry address all issues pertaining to diversity in healthcare that have impact on individuals, organizations, and the community.


College Diversity Summit
This event fosters leadership among college/university students and enhances communication in a multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural society through diversity dialogues and experience, in turn to promote excellence and success among college students through diversity efforts.

The goals of this event are to

  1. Make equity the cornerstone of college students’ thoughts, actions and lives,
  2. Encourage contributions to the community by ensuring full representation and honoring the uniqueness of individuals from diverse backgrounds,
  3. Honor the uniqueness of individuals from diverse backgrounds,
  4. Create and provide intercultural and cross-cultural opportunities and experiences,
  5. Cultivate skill sets needed to discuss and deal with complex race/ethnicity, issues, about which we deeply disagree, including the current existence of discrimination in our society, and
  6. Prepare students for a diverse workplace.


CEO Initiative
This annual event will recognize and honor CEO’s as diversity champions nominated and selected by their peers and other industry leaders. The awards are accepted by CEOs on behalf of their companies during each annual Diversity & Leadership Conference.


Young Women’s Leadership Symposium
This annual Symposium focuses on promoting the development of future business leaders by giving young women access to mentors and businesses that support their goals. The Symposium will focus on leadership, college and career planning, diversity, advocacy for girls.


Leadership Roundtable
This half-day event brings together four to five leaders who hold executive positions in their organizations.  Each leader will have their own table and speak with a group of professionals who want to learn more about their experiences in the workplace.  By rotating the leaders to other tables during the event, attendees have the opportunity to learn how they can advance in their organizations.


Multicultural Roundtable
This half-day event brings together four to five leaders of color who hold executive positions in their organizations.  Each leader will have their own table and speaks with a group of professionals who want to learn more about their experiences as individuals of color in the workplace.  By rotating the leaders to other tables during the event, attendees have the opportunity to learn about some of the obstacles diverse individuals encounter in the workplace.



College Tour
This initiative will help prepare college students to transition from college to the corporate environment. Our goal is to bring Corporate Executives to campuses to have direct dialogue with students.  Our hope is that students will have an opportunity to learn, grow and prepare for their future success.


Generation Next
The Council understands that our work must outlive us. We applaud companies that make effort to extend social responsibility lessons to our youth. The Council also hosts events in select markets that are designed to engage young people community outreach, environmental sustainability, ethics training, diversity and inclusion workshops.


DiversityFIRST™ Internship
The DiversityFIRST™ Internship Program is dedicated to a future in which college graduates of every race are given equal opportunity to succeed at the corporate level. We will serve as one of the premiere programs where minority students will learn and grow professionally, as well as obtain the hands-on experience necessary to be successful in the corporate environment. This will in turn, provide our corporate partners the best pool of candidates for their organization.


Encourage to Achieve
Seeks to deliver a passion for education and pass it on to the next generation of students who may feel because they aren’t the top student in the class, advancement through education is not a viable option. We seek to sway students who are living for today, and not the bright future life as to offer.  Encourage to Achieve will link at risk middle school and high school students with college students and young professionals to provide tangible figures who can relate to the students. These individuals will give students concrete visuals of people who progressed through education.  One of the greatest rewards we are given in life is the opportunity to give to others the same we have been blessed in other ways. Encourage to Achieve is a foundation that looks to encourage the next generation to achieve their wildest dreams. Encourage to Achieve provides an outlet for youth to positively grow and learn in a safe constructive environment.


Youth Diversity & Leadership Institute
Our program, the Youth Diversity Leadership Institute (YDLI), will provide underrepresented student populations the opportunity to experience college life prior to their high school graduation, with the purpose of encouraging participation in higher education. The program will target students from all races and ethnicities that come who come from economically-disadvantaged families across Texas, are first-generation, college-bound, and are considered at-risk.

The students will attend leadership sessions, which will be held during the summer for three (3) consecutive weeks. The format of the program will be structured in an interactive, classroom and workshop-group setting.  These carefully structured interactive workshops, small group discussions, and learning environments will allow students to acquire peer leadership and conflict resolution skills necessary to succeed in a multicultural diverse environment. It will also give the students an opportunity to explore and feel confident to initiate dialogue on class subjects that are not usually pursued by minority high school students such as: Science, Engineering and Mathematics.